We integrate a full stack of advanced hosting services into a single, simplified solution for your business.

  • Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network Our global hosting infrastructure assures fast downloads for your customers worldwide by maximizing their download throughput.
  • Anycast DNS service Anycast DNS Built to support your global Internet presence, our Anycast DNS offers intelligent load balancing, minimized lookup times, and failover.
  • File Backup service Backup Services You can have confidence that our backup services will keep your data safe, secure and fully accessible to you at all times.
  • Load Balancing service Load Balancing Our integrated IP-based load balancing allows you to optimize your resource use by scaling out horizontally across customized clusters.
  • Secure Firewall service Secure Firewall Securely protect and control access to your sensitive resources with our integrated, fully redundant, stateful firewalls.
Working with Astute has been an absolute pleasure. The service is very personal and I always feel like I'm a valued customer and not just a client ID. Reliability, flexibility and excellent service are what makes Asute my choice. Thank you guys, and keep up the great work!
Amir Nazary
IONIS Technologies

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5.234 moore years combined transistor count

45.2 station wagons total network capacity

4.2 lifetimes saved today with the Astute CDN

  • 138ms to Hong Kong
  • 28ms to Los Angeles
  • 5ms to Seattle
  • 144ms to London
  • 70ms to New York
  • 88ms to Tokyo
  • source datacenter location